Q.What color choices are available for the frames ?

A.White or Bronze depending on the guidelines of the association.

Q.Do you offer tint ?

A. Yes, clear, bronze, or grey tint are available. (Grey is a blue tone)

Q. Will I still have screens ?

A. Yes, your screen will either stay in the existing framing or will be incorporated into the rough frame constructed for your windows.

Q. How do I clean the tracks ?

A. The slider runs on a raised track system, as such the system only needs to be vacuumed periodically.

Q. How do I clean the acrylic ?

A. Very easily. Each customer receives a cleaning kit and instructions after the installation. A mild soap and clean, soft cloth is recommended. Also provided is a a bottle Novus #1 Acrylic Polish / Cleaner.

Q. How long does a typical job take ?

A. Typically most jobs take one day to prepare the rough in and one day for the final installation.

Q. What is the lead time before the job can be started ?

A. After the contractor signs, usually one to two weeks lead time.

Q. What are the terms of payment ?

A. Half after rough in is complete. Remaining half upon completion                  

Q. Can acrylic sliders be installed if I have hurricane shutters ?

A. Yes. In most cases there is adequate room to incorporate acrylic sliders with your hurricane shutters.

Q. What kind of warranty will I receive ?

A. With the purchase of your acrylic sliders you will receive a lifetime warranty on materials and labor. This excludes acts of nature or abuse of the product.