When I first discovered the newest technology in acrylic sliders I was so impressed with this product I just knew that it would be the future of my company. The technology was far superior to the old vinyl windows that at one time were the only available option. Unlike vinyl, acrylic will not yellow or tear.

Acrylic is as clear as glass but much safer and lighter. It is a great alternative to glass.

The frames and tracks are aluminum and electrostatically painted so they will never rust. The rollers run on a raised track and are made of nylon for smooth operation. These window units can be easily removed (because they are lightwieght) so that the exterior can be cleaned and polished. All windows come with double locks for added security and stability.

Most jobs need to be rescreened either before or after the installation. I use only the best quality screen. The brand name is phiferglass. Do not settle for a lesser quality screen . I offer three grades of screen 20x20 18x14 and Super Screen. If " No See Ums " are a issue I reccomend the 20x20.

Another decision that needs to be made is if a tint is needed. The tint is not a film. It is in the acrylic itself. The tint helps keep the room cooler and protects the room's contents from damaging uv rays.

A good rule of thumb is if your room faces east or west and gets direct sunlight, a tint is probably a good idea. Another alternative is to get clear acrylic and hang blinds . I use G.E. 25-year silicone to seal all connections including the entire reveal. This ensures that water will never permeate the framing which could cause mildew and mold.

I also guarantee that the inside of the room will never get wet. All aluminum to concrete connections are made with lead drive pins.These pins are strong,durable and the lead will never rust. Tapcons eventualy rust and stainless steel is a dissimular metal and reacts poorly with the aluminum, eventually causing corrosion.

For the lower units I offer a sun storm door. It is matched to the job and includes vertical sliding windows, screen, bug sweep, threshold, closer and a keyed dead bolt lock.

I personally guarantee these windows add beauty, versatility and value to your home. Every single one of my customers is absolutely thrilled with their new room.